T​raditional Indian Yoga

Traditional Indian Yoga for Personality Development by VISHWA is designed for children and adults at different levels or needs.

Traditional Yoga has different sessions in Yoga (Knowledge-Gyan, Service-Karma, Music-Bhakti, Eight Limbs-Ashtanga including Breathing and Meditation, Relaxation and Other very powerful Techniques), Swadhyay and satsang on important topics for personal growth and self awakening. Authentic Real Yoga information is provided from Yogavashishtha, Yogoupnishad, Patanjali Yogasutra, Bhagwath Gita and Shiv Puran by Swamiji   

Advanced sessions on all topics of Traditional Yoga including the Traditional Teacher Training. Total of six months. Requirement: Must have completed the Introductory one month session.

Music Dance Drama