VISHWA-Varad Ashram Intercultural Service Humanitarian World Association


VISHWA was created with the inspiration of Swamiji Dr Satya Prakash, who is a great visionary and has been working tirelessly for the welfare of humanity. He is a very highly learned scholar​, a great Yogi, philosopher​ and a public speaker, deeply well-read and a versatile classical singer, doctorate in Music and is a recipient of ​prestigious ​Awards.

VISHWA Partners

Sadhna Ashram Trust in Himanchal Pradesh, India

VISHWA is focussed towards individual  well-being and community service to promote a more peaceful world. VISHWA aims to foster holistic development where the full potential of the individual can be realized, with special programs for children, youth, women and seniors. 

Objectives of the Association

To foster holistic development where the full potential of the individual can be realized at all levels of being;

Where a natural and sustainable environment would be conserved 

To engage in humanitarian service, co-creating a more peaceful, loving and harmonious world.

Ideals and beliefs which we strive to share with others are:
  • To realize the oneness of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, colour, religion or nationality.
  • To recognize the universal, timeless, Truth that underlies all faiths.
  • To bring people of diverse traditions and cultures together in an experience of Unity in Diversity.

Economic well being is supported through customized employment assistance and help centre. Personality Development is promoted through free workshops, training on yoga, music and dance and drama performances for individual growth and confidence building and in helping deal with depression and anxiety impacting mental and spiritual wellbeing. Community development is promoted through environment and community garden program with tremendous support and participation from all sections of community.